Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Visiting with Little Girls...

{picture taken by Ana}

Ana and I had two little girls, Hazel 3 and Danika 5, to watch for CWC yesterday.  I've watched Hazel since she was a baby and have enjoyed seeing her grow up. She has definitely gotten much more talkative in the past few months.
Yesterday she was coloring, and chatting away about all the colors of crayons she was using, when she suddenly announced "I love being three!" and then went back to talking about crayons!  Later, when she was coloring a teddy bear, I asked her if she had one at home. "No," she said "But I'm going to buy one at Walmart." 
This was Danika's first time with us and she was very sweet.  She told me quite seriously that her favorite things to do are bake, paint, and eat cake.  
I love these little conversations with young ones!

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