Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Booth Brothers Concert!!

A few months ago Amy found out the Booth Brothers would be giving a concert in a town about 2 hours from us. We were excited since they are one of our favorite Southern Gospel groups! But then we realized that to get tickets for 5 people would be rather the gas to get there. So we prayed about it. Then, there came an opportunity for Amy and I to fill in as "cleaning ladies" for a friend who was away for a couple months. This was so neat because the money from the job enabled us to go to the concert! Thank you Lord!
We went with our adopted Uncle and Aunt from church and all rode together in our van. (Such fun!) They took us out to eat at a restaurant downtown.  SO delicious!!  We were blessed by their generosity.
 Of course I had to take pictures of some of the food. :-)

The Green Mill

 After eating we went over to the church for the concert!!!
It was a great concert and we really enjoyed it!  
The lighting was a little odd sometimes (pink and yellow), but I did get some good pictures. :-)

 Ronnie and Michael

 This picture makes me laugh!  Michael was listening to one of the other guys talking - I guess they must have said something really thought provoking!

 Ronnie played the guitar for a few songs.


 I always enjoy hearing Michael explain salvation and how God's love is displayed in His justice.

They had their bus driver come out and sing a couple songs with them.  He sings bass and really made the place vibrate.

 Us girls with Michael.  All three of the Booth Brothers are so kind and friendly! 

What a fun evening!!

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