Monday, June 17, 2013

The Running Wild Race!!!

This past Saturday was the Running Wild race at Maplewood State Park. 

We girls loved being volunteers!!  :-)

 There were a LOT of people there of all ages, and a few dogs as this Great Dane!

Father and son ready to go!

 The children's race was fun - they were all excited and eager to run!

 And they are off!!!!
Meanwhile, the adults got ready for the 1 mile race and the 7K race.
Waiting for the races to start....
..and once they were off I headed out on the trail for my main "job": photographing the runners of the 7K as 
they ran by.

 Most people were quite tired by the time they got to where I was, but a few had the energy for a smile!

 These are the water break guys who gave me a ride to and from my "post" along the trail. (I'm very thankful I didn't have to walk all the way out there!)

 They also kindly pointed out that I had set up my camera right next to a bunch of Poison Ivy.  Oops! 

What a beautiful day we had, it was not too hot, there were no was perfect!  Thank you Lord!! 

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