Saturday, January 4, 2014

Caleb's Visit

Last Friday Caleb (my sister Ana's fiance) surprised her by coming up for a 5 day visit! He had flown a client down to the Caymen Islands and she thought he would be down there those 5 days. But instead, he flew up here, then drove the three hours to our place (arriving around 1:00 AM), came in the front door we had left unlocked for him, and slept in a room we had ready for him.  He came out in the morning when we were eating breakfast. Ana was totally and completely surprised!! =D  All the rest of us had known about and were planning this visit for about 2 weeks, so we were happy and thankful the surprise worked!
 A few minute after he came into the room...I think she still wasn't quite sure if this was really happening! 

 They washed up the breakfast dishes together and then...
...loaded up a whole bunch of books we were getting rid of and took them into town. We worked on packing.

Saturday we all went to the Christmas celebration at Uncle Davids.  (See post below for pictures from that day.)

Sunday.  Due to the cold church was canceled, which was disappointing.  But we were able to listen to a sermon online.  Amy and I made a fruit salad to go with the omelets Caleb made for us all for lunch.
 They were delicious!

Caleb wanted to learn how to give Ana a foot massage, so I gave him a lesson in the afternoon.  I love giving foot rubs and learning about foot reflexology, so I really enjoyed teaching him.  (He did a great job!)
Then I showed Ana how to give Caleb a foot massage.  He liked it and almost fell asleep!

Amy <3

Monday...more planning...packing etc. 

Tuesday.  New Years Eve Day....or as Caleb says "New Years Adam". (It comes before eve.) ;-)
While they were working on listening to and picking out music for their wedding, Caleb gave Ana a pedicure.

We were going through our games to pack them up and pulled out a few to play.
 They both were so good at Mastermind!  It was fun to watch.
Then we played Husker Du, Mouse Trap, Clue, and....
....lastly we played Dutch Blitz before reading and praying as the year changed from 2013 to 2014.
Caleb left to fly back to the Caymen Islands around 1:00AM.
I just realized that he left at about the same time of day that he had arrived. =)


Annette W. said...

Love this post! Thanks for documenting it.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe that Ana is getting married. :) So excited for you all. Josh and I used to LOVE playing Mastermind together when our littles were all small. :)

Anonymous said...

I also meant to say that your homes always have a warm cozy feel to them. I LOVE the quilts on the back of chairs etc.

Alyssa W. said...

Thank you! =)