Thursday, July 3, 2014

Caleb and Ana's Wedding!!

(These two pictures were taken by Photography by Nikole.)
Our family!

This past Saturday was my sister's wedding!  What a joyful day, full of friends and family rejoicing in what the Lord has done in Caleb and Ana's lives to bring them together!!  We were blessed with so many friends who offered to help, good weather, a really fun wedding party, and a beautiful service lead by Pastor Steve. 
When I saw the flower girl and her youngest brother watching as the photographer took pictures of Ana and Caleb, I ran to get my camera! They are so cute!

The bridesmaids bouquets!

A dear friend that stayed with us over the weekend, and Ana.

Ana with her bridesmaids all ready for the wedding!!

One of the songs that we all sang at the wedding. <3

Two of our aunts cutting cake at the reception. (Ana made the cakes and a friend assembled them for her.)
(Picture taken by Clara U.)

The groomsmen did a great job at getting the car ready!
(Picture taken by Aunt Karen.) 

(Picture taken by Clara U.)

(Picture taken by Nikole.)

And they are off!!!

I am SO happy for them and excited to have a brother-in-law!!!!!!  =D


Annette W. said...

Great post Alyssa. A lovely memory!

Mrs. Iocco said...

Praise the Lord for giving Ana & Caleb a lovely wedding day!<3 Wish we could've joined you. Sending our love from VT.

Alyssa W. said...

Thanks Mom!!

Amen! We wish you could have come too Mrs. Iocco! <3