Thursday, July 10, 2014

WWII B-17 Bomber!

Last week a B-17 Flying Fortress called the "Aluminum Overcast" was at our local airport.  Since I love history, and WWII in particular, I was thrilled to be able to see this piece of history up close! 

 You can see the open bomb bay doors in the above picture.
 Here is the view looking up into the airplane through the open bay doors. There is a little walkway that goes through this area.
The "bombs" all had names.

The ball turret under the plane. Such a little space for a gunner to squeeze into!

Here you can see where the tail gunner sits.

Looking up the gun at the "gunner" in the tail.  I was surprised the openings were open...seems like it would get really cold in there!

One of the side guns.
A close up from the outside...

...and the inside.

The two front guns had canvas and zippers to close the opening.


The underside of the looks like shimmering water!

So many screws and rivets.

The flaps on the tail wings were covered with a heavy canvas of some kind, instead of being made of metal.  If a bullet goes through it there is not as much damage as if it were metal, like the rest of the wing. =)

The B-17 in flight. =)

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