Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dožínky Days!

Saturday we went to Dozinky Days - the celebration in the town Dad grew up in.
The parade was long and such fun!

One of the cute little girls next to me. =)

Dad and his youngest sister Michele ordering Australian Pies for lunch.  
(They were good!!) 

Art demonstration...it would have been fun to spend more time watching her paint.

Playing games together before supper.


A pictures of us ladies before we had to leave!


Gabriela said...

Great pictures! My husband's grandfather's family came from the territory of Bohemia (now Czech Republic, I think), and settled in New Prague! The house they lived in still exists. ;-) Hopefully we can visit someday!

Alyssa W. said...

How fun! Maybe your husband's relatives know/knew our relatives! Although ours are German not Czech...