Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lead and Follow

{Picture from Pinterest)
“The important thing for you, as a man, to remember is that a woman cannot properly be the responder, 
unless the man is properly the initiator.
He must take the lead in order that she may follow, as in a dance.
The willingness of each to “perform the steps” that have been choreographed, gives the other freedom.”
- Elisabeth Elliot, The Mark of a Man


Annette W. said...

I like this quote!
Thanks for sharing it.

Gabriela said...

Love this quote! I have found it to be SO true. You know, I've always been the leader type - to my siblings, because I am the oldest - and sometimes I struggle with "allowing" my husband to initiate and lead us in this marriage. It is so freeing to "let go" and allow God to lead my husband as HE pleases. Thank you for sharing! This subject has been on my mind lately. ;-)