Saturday, October 4, 2014

The 2014 Desiring God National Conference!

The Desiring God conference this year was called "Look At the Book" and focused on reading, studying, and memorizing the Bible.  John Piper focused on Romans chapter 8 in is talks. (Go HERE to listen to most of the talks from the conference.) =)

(Also, go HERE to the see a really neat way to learn more about a passage of scripture! There are several LABs up already, and they plan on releasing two a week. John Piper used this method as he went through Romans 8 at the conference.)

We are thankful we had a warm sunny weekend! (Apparently some people who came to the conference from the south were disappointed that it was so warm since they were looking forward to cool weather...they should have stayed a few days!)
The book store area in the vendor hall. So many books!!
(Caleb and Ana were volunteers this year and worked together at one of the checkout lines.)

One of the vendors had a display of some of Charles Spurgeon's personal books, and one of his desks.

Open area between the auditorium and the vendor hall/book area.

Listening to Jerry Bridges speak on "The Gospel for Real Devotions" - he is one of my favorite authors and it was a treat to hear him in person.  

 Thousands of voices raised in praise!

One of my favorite songs!

John Piper giving the Sunday sermon.
(Our pastor, Matthew Molesky, did the devotional Sunday morning before John Piper's sermon, but I didn't get a picture of him since I was helping with graphics.)

 After the sermon in the building...
..and outside before we left. =)

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