Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Homemade Marshmallows!

 Amy and I have been talking about how good hot chocolate with marshmallows would be this time of year, and how we should make some marshmallows soon.  So, yesterday I pulled out the recipe and ingredients and made up a batch.  Mom encouraged me to take pictures of the process to share here. The recipe is at the end if you'd like to make some yourself. Homemade are the BEST for hot chocolate!
(Thanks to Mom and Amy for taking some of these pictures for me!)

 Heat the sugar, water, corn syrup, and salt to 240

 Beat the hot sugar mixture into the gelatin that has been dissolved in water.

 Beat until soft peaks form.

 Quickly pour into prepared pan, and spread out.
 Let sit for at least 3 hours and then cut into cubes; dusting cut edges with powdered sugar.

 Then, make yourself some hot chocolate and enjoy your marshmallows!


Salinn said...

We tried to make some once but they didn't trun out looking near as nice as yours. I will have to try them again I guess. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Alyssa W. said...

You are welcome Salinn. =) I hope you will give them another try!

Gabriela said...

They look so good! I am definitely trying this recipe! :-D

Alyssa W. said...

Yay! They are fun to make (and eat)! =)