Monday, December 22, 2014

The Galleria and "Crowded House"

Last Friday afternoon Amy and I drove down to visit Caleb and Ana and spend the night at their place.  Friday evening we went to Trader Joe's (Amy had never been there before) and then to the Galleria which is a very fancy mall not too far from where C&A live.  There is a huge Christmas tree there that is totally covered in gold and silver balls that Ana wanted their picture taken in front of.

Our reflection in one of the huge balls at the base of the tree. =)

There was a display of several "gowns" made from dress forms, pine branches, ornaments. etc.

We had fun looking around in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware.
I love this phone!!

Trying out one of the chairs! 

Restoration Hardware had a lot of mirrors, and we had fun taking our pictures in this particularly huge one.

I like this little reading lamp!

Then we all went to Crowded House.  
It's something their church started: a "movable restaurant" that sets up at a different family's house each month. 

They have a chef who prepares the food, which costs $5 per person, and then everyone eats and visits....Crowded House is a very good name for it as there are a lot of people there and it's crowded and noisy!! =D

Unique lighting. =)
A lot of people had left when I took this picture (it was too crowded to get a good picture before).

Amy and Caleb putting their shoes/boots on.
When we arrived they hung our coats up outside under a tent and put everyone's shoes in rows on the cement.  This helps the house stay clean and prevents it being cluttered up with all that winter wear. The only problem is, when you leave you have a cold coat and pair of boots to put on!  Birrr!  
We had a fun time together!!!

Saturday morning Gabby came over for the day!
 We had hot chocolate with marshmallows and some treats Gabby brought. =)
The ladies (picture taken by Caleb). 
We watched Mom's Night Out and then visited for a while.  It was fun to be able to spend time together!!


Gabriela said...

Oh I love this post! :-D Especially that last picture! ;-) Happy holidays!

Alyssa W. said...

Thank you Gabby!! Me too! ;-)