Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Helping A&C Move!

Last Sunday afternoon we went down to Ana and Caleb's apartment to help them move out.  
Greg and Gabby were there too and we all enjoyed working together!
Many hands make quick work!

A quick picture before leaving the apartment for the last time.

Unloading things to store for 1-2 weeks until their new apartment is ready.
Part of the moving crew. =)

I rode with Greg and Gabby to the "in between apartments rental house" which was great fun!  The house address was entered into GPS just slightly wrong and we were guided to a huge grain silo next to the train tracks, where we were cheerfully informed by the GPS lady that we had arrived at our destination! =D Apparently a mistake had been made!  
(We found the house eventually!)
After getting things in the house we headed out in two cars to find a place to eat.
A yummy ending to a fun day!!


Gabriela said...

Haha! I laughed at the GPS story! It was so fun. Great times!

Alyssa W. said...

Yes, it made for a fun memory! =D