Monday, August 31, 2015

Nanny Days

 A few pictures from my phone of the kids we nanny!
 One afternoon the dolls gave a concert.  It was quite good! ;-)

One of Honey Ham's creations.

Pretending we were secretaries for a doctor's office.  He was really good at it!

 Dancing Donna practicing self-control with the dogs. 

 Our first time bowling.  
The older kids were at Valley Fair with a church group and the other kids wanted to do something fun too. =)

Painting Petunia and the painting she did on the canvas mom gave her. =)

Dancing Donna came into the kitchen with sticky notes from her math problems on her face! 

 Getting some help with her math from her dad.

 Watching Strawberry Shortcake with Baby Buttersnap. =)  

 I took Painting Petunia to her school for a math placement test one morning.  
The school is built on a hill side and there are a lot of stairs!

 The 6 kids all had eye appointments and we had fun trying on frames! 
Love these kids! 

Orientation day for three of the girls.

 Amy and three of the kids making rivers and volcanoes in the sand. 

The boys reading one morning.

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