Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trip to the Hospital

The parents and two of the children of the family we nanny for were out of town for a few days, so Amy and I stayed over with the four remaining children. 

Practicing reading with Amy. =)

The little guy started saying that his leg was numb and hurt etc. 

The mom was very concerned and she arranged for their driver to come and pick him and me up and drive us down to the airport to pick them up on their return flight and then take us all to the children's hospital. Whew!
Charlie, the driver is very nice and kind. 
I had brought along some books to read to the little guy and so Charlie got to listen to them too! =D
It turned out that he had a fracture near the end of the leg bone 
(I don't remember the proper name for it!), so he has a cast for now. 
He was a trooper through it all.

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