Sunday, September 3, 2017

He Answers

"God does not answer our prayers because we said them the right way, 
but because He loves His children."  
- Jonathan Parnell

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Mini Vacation

Saturday Dad, Mom, and I went on a day trip up to the area we used to live. (Amy had to work or she would have come too.)
We stopped at a town on the way for coffee/tea. 

Beautiful farm out the window.

We dropped Dad off at a small town to bike
 and Mom and I went shopping until he came into the town we went to.

We ate lunch at this shop.

Cute shop

There was a craft fair going on in one of the towns we stopped at.

 We stopped by the lake and I enjoyed wading. 
I wished I had brought my swimming things as the water was so clear and inviting!

It was a restful day, and SO nice to be out in the country!

Friday, August 11, 2017


We were downtown for the Art Crawl this evening and walked down some streets I've never been on.
These two buildings are both unique and beautiful, yet very different. As I was admiring them I noticed this cute little passage way between them!  I love finding cute and quirky architecture! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Ford Tri-Motor Airplane

A 1928 Ford Tri-Motor airplane. 
These were the first luxury airliners and marked the beginning of commercial flight. 
It was at our airport yesterday and Dad and I enjoyed seeing it in person!!


 People could pay to take a ride on the plane. Here one of the guys is giving instructions to the passengers. The older lady on the left with the walker went on the flight! I wonder if she remembers these airplanes from when she was young?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Memorial Day Picnic!

 Friends of ours have an annual Memorial Day picnic on their farm each spring. 
And they always come up with amazing group games! =D

 Stringing cheerios on a string with two members of the team blindfolded.

 The teams had to stand on one board and move the other in front, 
repeating this 5 times...without falling off...and they were timed! 

 Competition for who can start a fire and roast and eat a marshmallow the fastest! =D

True or False game! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Catching Up!

I haven't posted on here in quite a while! Life got busy; I started a new job, was in a car accident, and just really didn't know if I wanted to keep blogging. But then I started to realize that I wasn't taking many pictures with my big camera anymore because I didn't have a way to really make use of them. And I missed blogging. =)  So here is a little catch-up post and then hopefully I will post a little more regularly in the future!

Lunch with our adopted Aunt and Uncle. =)

 Car accident. My car was stopped at a red light in front of the big light colored SUV when the driver of the small SUV slammed into her, which in turn caused her to slam into me. (Didn't get my car in the picture....I'm actually amazed I thought to take a picture at all, I was shaking so much.) I still have head aches from the concussion and am very sensitive to loud noises now. So thankful for our chiropractor though, he has helped me so much!

 The end of October Mom and I flew down to Texas to visit dear friends who live in Houston, and go to The Silos in Waco. We had bought our tickets several months ahead, and I was concerned about flying with my headaches, but I did ok. (Praise the Lord!) I will say that I did NOT like the turbulence on the way down though and was SO glad when we descended for landing!  (It was so bad they had the flight attendants sit down and buckle up.) =O

Waco was wonderful and we had so much fun there!!!


 Exploring downtown Houston with friends!

All the palm trees (and the heat and humidity) made it feel like we were in California!

 In November our friend Anna got married.

 Amy and I took her wedding pictures. This was a fun/stressful thing to do.... Thankfully it went well and they liked the pictures!  It's interesting that for all time it takes to shoot a wedding, 
it takes many many more hours to go through and edit all the pictures. 

Sibling picture on Christmas Eve!

I hosted a sign making class taught by our friend Dawn (standing on the far right). =)

Pieced a queen sized quilt top for a friend/client.

Helped Ana and Caleb move into their new house!
It's so cute!

Sold merchandise for Jeremy Camp when he did a concert in town.

Said goodbye to a member of the worship team. =(

Dad, Amy, and I helped with the annual Walk for Life. Around 500 people showed up!!

Finished piecing and basting a lap quilt. 
The fabric has the English flag and tickets stubs on it!

 Mom's mom passed away in June. The funeral was held in the little church Mom went to as a child.
I'll miss Grandma. =(

Out to lunch at a BBQ place with Caleb and Ana. 
Caleb realized that BBQ was not a good combination with a white shirt.
So he asked for a bib. 
The waitress brought him this child's bib! =D

 ROX baseball game with the worship team! It rained on and off, but we had fun! 
They asked us to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" later in the game. Fun experience. =)
(These two pictures taken by Mandy.)

So that is a little over view of the past 10 months. =)
Amid all that we've been doing, I've also been learning to have quiet times at home, 
to not get too many things going on back to back, and to just rest. 
It's okay to rest y'all!  We need time to think. 
My headaches have been the main reason for this, but I think it's healthy to be able to say no, to be able to have time for quiet, for reading, for enjoying the lovely summer, and for resting.  Being super crazy busy all the time is not a badge of honor. Knowing your boundaries and being able to day "no" is, in my opinion. And it's something I am slowly learning. =)

A few books that have helped:
"Just Too Busy" By Joanne Kraft 
"Crazy Busy" By Kevin DeYoung
"Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" By Greg McKeown

"In quietness and confidence is your rest..." 
- Isaiah 30:15

What have you been learning lately?